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Nat Amoore — Author, Fiction Mentorship & Writing Picture Books

Jackie French — Author, Historian, Ecologist, Honorary Wombat, Senior Australian of the Year, 2015, Australian Children's Laureate 2014-15

Cathie is one of the most insightful editors I have worked with, with an extraordinary ability to see the heart or potential of a mss.

Bill Condon — Author, Playwright and Winner of the Prime Minister's Literary Award 2010

A great editor is more than just someone who corrects and polishes your work. The really good ones take a personal interest in their writers, and believe in them. I had the good fortune to work with Cathie Tasker when I took my first unsteady steps into the writing world many years ago. Without her guidance, encouragement, and excellent editing skills, I may not have made it. I'll be forever grateful to Cathie.

Wendy Orr — Author

Cathie was instrumental in my start in publishing. She not only commissioned my very first book, but gave me invaluable advice on how to approach the editing process. Later, she published many of my books. Her ability to see to the heart of a new idea as it developed, and her vision about new books, led to several of those books being award winners, including the Children’s Book of the Year award for Ark in the Park.

Bronwyn Bancroft — Author/Illustrator

I started my illustration career with Cathie Tasker while she was at the helm of the children's section of HarperCollins in 1992. Cathie was a superb person to make my entry into this children's literature world with. Cathie was gracious, kind, instructive and assisted and praised me where needed. I appreciate to this day her professionalism, dedication and belief which was applied to each project. Cathie is a gem in the landscape of publishing in Australia.

Susanne Gervay — Author

Cathie brings her experience as a highly successful children's book publisher and editor of a major publishing house to manuscripts. She is an outstanding assessor with the ability to provide constructive insight into creative work.

Pamela Freeman — Author and Creative Writing Teacher

I've worked with Cathie on a number of children's books of wildly different types.  In addition, she's been a manuscript assessor for me for adult novels.  I rely on her editorial nous, her professionalism and her honesty.  I can't recommend her highly enough!
word cloud
AWC made a word cloud of my feedback 2010. What a great present.

Bev Jacobson — Judge, CBCA

This year (2015/6) I had the privilege of judging the CBCA Children’s Book of the Year Award alongside Cathie. Her knowledge of children’s literature is formidable and the information that she proffered was insightful and pertinent.

Dianne (Di) Bates — Author and About Kids Books Publisher

Cathie Tasker is the ultimate professional. She has given many valuable years to the children’s book industry as an editor, publisher, CBCA book judge, manuscript assessor and teacher. Cathie has published numerous books of mine. She is always easy to deal with and has helped to make my books the best they could be. Now that I am a publisher myself, I look forward to working with her in the future.

Meredith Costain — Author and Creative Writing Teacher

Cathie is an insightful and thoughtful editor who is able to bring out the best in a manuscript. She has an exceptional understanding and knowledge of all facets of the publishing industry.

Tehani Wessely, Judge & Convenor 

Having worked with Cathie as a judge for both the CBCA Book of the Year Awards and the Aurealis Awards (for which she has convened panels), I can attest to her diligence in meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations in terms of her commitment to the role. She always ensures she fully understands the requirements of the task and her knowledge and experience is always an asset. Cathie has been a valued member of our judging teams.

Patricia Hogarth — Mentoree

I've just finished a mentorship with Cathie and already have some interest from an agent.

 Feedback from Students

I was lucky enough to work with Cathie Tasker for six months last year while developing my first novel. Cathie provided me with some much needed expertise as she offered her professional feedback, critique and analysis of my narrative structure and plotting. Her insightful and constructive editorial comments, along with her unwavering support, have pushed my work in exciting new directions, and resulted in my novel being accepted into the ACT Writers Centre HardCopy professional development program this year. I can’t wait to work with her again on my next novel. Thanks Cathie!

— Michelle Stephens — Student, Write Your Novel and Mentoree 


Cathie’s practical advice and feedback is delivered with a sense of humour and passion for the craft of writing. Six months after finishing the Write Your Novel course at AWC, her guidance continues to help shape my writing on a daily basis. I hear her admonishing me for cliches, redundant words and structural flaws before I commit them to the page. Cathie is the writer’s horse whisperer.

— Mary McIntyre — Student, Write Your Novel


I completed both the Advanced Fiction Writing Techniques and the Write Your Novel course through the AWC with Cathie Tasker as my tutor and I couldn’t have asked for a better tutor. Cathie was invested in every person’s work, was constantly encouraging and went far above and beyond anything I expected from my tutor. Although receiving constructive criticism is not always easy, Cathie structured her feedback in a way that it was easy to understand and I always felt she genuinely wanted to see us all become the best possible writers we could. She was fast to respond to queries, interacted with us constantly on both course material and general (writing) discussion and was always sharing her extensive industry knowledge. I would highly recommend Cathie as a tutor and a mentor.

— Kate Whitton — Student — Write Your Novel

Cathie went above and beyond with my novel. Under her expert guidance, I completed 85,000 words and edited large portions of my book to her high standards. Cathie pushed me to go further, to take the plot to a more suspenseful place, and put my characters in even deeper trouble. The results of her tuition and editing were remarkable. My book would never have got to the stage it’s at now without her advice. Now at fourth draft, it’s been picked up by an agent in London, bringing my dream of publishing a novel a step closer.

— Marianne Makdisi — Student, Write Your Novel 


 I’m amazed at how much I learnt in Cathie’s 5 week course. I went on a massive learning curve and gained so much knowledge of the writing and publishing world. Cathie equipped me through her course and through her valuable insights to be able revise, rewrite and rework my Children’s Picture Book to a level whereby an  agent commented on my “professional approach” when I submitted my work. I was fortunate to also hear her speak and impart more of her valuable wisdom.

— Denise McKnight — Student — Writing Picture Books 


Your feedback has helped me improve astronomically throughout this course (and Creative Writing Stage 1). I hope that I will return soon for another one. Thank you.

— Jacqui Ciranni — Student , Creative Writing Stage 1 and Advanced Fiction Writing Techniques


Cathie is a passionate wordsmith, and offers invaluable knowledge and insights into writing structure, design and marketing of children’s books, and genre novels. I worked with Cathie for over 15 years in a professional capacity, and her love for books is obvious in her briefs — they are clear from the start of the project, through design to the final press ready files.

— Deborah Brown — Book Designer, Author/Illustrator & Art Director

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