Consultation and Mentoring

Cathie was a children’s book publisher for many years, and keeps up to date by judging a variety of literary awards. If you have ever wished you had an agent, then you might want to chat with Cathie, or email her. She can go through your work and give you a lead about what to do next — whether the stories need more time cooking, or whether it’s time to submit.

Cathie also teaches and reads extensively in genre fiction, and consults on children’s and adult fiction and memoir.

Editing and Manuscript Assessment

Cathie is a structural editor, or developmental editor. She’ll help you shape your novel, children’s novel, picture book, short story or memoir. This can take the form of a manuscript assessment or a structural edit.

Some authors request a number of structural edits of their work as they restructure and revise their manuscripts over time, so the service can become more of a mentorship.

Cathie and Alan are the go-to people to tidy a manuscript before submission. Alan Tasker is a proofreader, once a librarian. His strengths are in history, non-fiction, memoir, fiction and fact-checking.

Tips for submitting

What to include

  • as much information as you can in a single word document!
  • a brief biography
  • a blurb
  • a synopsis
  • a word count
  • specify the genre and category (age level)
  • NOTE that MS Excel or PDF files will not be accepted


Cathie teaches creative writing, both online and face-to-face. If you’re interested in taking one of her courses, be sure to investigate the modules below which Cathie has created and tutors —

Cathie works one-on-one with you through these programs

Most of Cathie’s teaching is through the Australian Writers’ Centre. She also tutors these courses online —

Success Stories

Here is a small selection of recent work Cathie has been involved in —